You & one-two-five

One-two-five can help you leap through the middle steps of organizational change by laying down a solid foundation.

See the customer experience through an end-to-end customer journey. Validate with research and customer feedback. Set key performance indicators related to bottom-line results.

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    Take “outside-in” insights into the customer experience:

    – analyze the brand promise against marketing, advertising and mission statements
    – review customer segments and select the customer segments to be analyzed
    – validate the customer journey with the right team members, including front line and customer care staff
    – identify all customers and their interactions
    – identify the “moments of truth” that define the customer experience
    – conduct market research, talk to customers one-to-one and review customer care data validate the map
    – identify customer perspectives on how to improve the experience
    – establish KPIs critical to a positive customer experience and each KPI’s correlation to revenue

Engage employees by connecting their work to the customer experience. Communicate goals and establish a rewards and recognition program based on KPIs.

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    Engage employees in the transformation:

    – communicate and ask for input on the customer, on the transformation and ways to move the KPIs
    – establish goals to improve the KPIs
    – include employees across the house
    – assess talent skill sets and roles
    – develop rewards and recognition program that tie to established KPIs
    – conduct training needs assessment

When the first two steps are right, employees are engaged, the direction is clear and a measurement system is in place. Your program can accelerate through steps 3 and 4.

Identify key projects and develop the business case for each.

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    Set a project roadmap:

    – identify projects to improve customer experience
    – create a business case for each
    – establish cost and timeline for implementation
    – review projects against ROI
    – continue communication with employees
    – develop employee training programs
    – assign project leads and resources

Manage each project to completion by dedicating and empowering your people to reach specific, measurable objectives.

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    Implement and monitor:

    – monitor progress through PMO
    – communicate ongoing status with employees
    – deliver employee training to support implementation
    – monitor dashboard of metrics

Evaluate and measure the solution. Continue to evaluate your metrics (test and learn) and adjust as necessary. Identify your next strategic priorities. This is a continuous loop.

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    Review results and establish next steps:

    – validate that KPIs support the right behaviour and modify if needed; add secondary metrics
    – explore possibilities to automate customer feedback data and dashboards
    – explore new market opportunities based on customer input

Return to the beginning to update the customer journey to make the customer experience a continuous improvement process.

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