B2C Telecommunications

B2C Telecommunications

Improving customer experience by launching a national employee retention training program

A telecommunications company identified that agent turnover created negative customer experiences. The company aspired to be a leader in customer satisfaction and realized that agent retention correlated with customer satisfaction.

The best agents were being selected for promotion, but they did not necessarily have the skill set to be successful in their next role. Front-line staff were dissatisfied. Survey results indicated leaders were lacking fundamental knowledge about the product or group they supported, and had not built the cross-functional contacts to drive initiatives identified by the front line staff, through to completion. Finally the promotion process was considered unfair, with perceived favouritism.

The challenge was to develop a national leadership program to encompass a curriculum and roadmap that could span a two-year period to fully prepare a candidate for their next career step.

Preparation was extensive. A series of interviews were held with team members at different levels to gage the skills and competencies required for each role. Managers from different cross-functional groups were also interviewed. Research was conducted on best practices of other global organizations to see what could be gleaned from the experience of others.

Once the training material was completed, the President showed high-level support by kicking off the launch.

RESULT: Buy-in from the entire organization and excitement among employees over the transparent nature of the program. It clearly outlined the competencies of sub-standard, average and stellar performers and provided a defined roadmap for employees. The training resulted in higher overall performance in all measured KPIs, increased customer satisfaction and decreased employee turnover.