B2B Marketing Agency

B2B Marketing Agency

Improving client satisfaction by decreasing errors in marketing campaigns

A marketing agency was managing millions of customized communications. For four large campaigns in a row, there had been a major quality error causing client dissatisfaction and a threat to the business.

Working sessions were held with clients and internal staff to develop the end-to-end process of a campaign including client interaction points. From here, the weak points in the process were identified. A large scale process improvement and technology assessment was done to redesign the work flow and select the best technology. Agreed upon key performance indicators ( KPIs) were developed to indicate improvements in the quality of execution, lead times and costs. Employees were engaged and understood the new KPIs and the importance of them.

Technologies were identified, business cases developed and funding approved. The project took two years to complete. Employees were completely retrained and new skill sets were acquired. Result-a decrease in cost and lead times, but of a more critical nature, large scale customized marketing campaigns through social, mobile, email and direct mail channels were executed error-free. Significant errors were eliminated as the campaigns have now been running for two years- error-free.

RESULTS: It worked, and the agency cemented its position and won the next three-year contract.