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B2C Electronics

Improving the customer experience while decreasing costs in a customer care center

By mapping out the customer experience through the customer care center, the data (from Voice of the Customer surveys, social media, agent feedback and abandonment rates) revealed the IVR set-up was a major irritant to customers. Self-serve percentages were also low, so most calls were handled by an agent. This was costly to the organization and a dissatisfier to customers who had to wait in the queue for extended periods of time for basic account information.

The IVR set-up was confusing. Customers found it difficult to select their self-serve options. Irritated customers spent longer than needed on calls with agents. In addition, the organization was not fully leveraging its own data from the different cross-functional areas to provide a holistic view of the customer account for self-serve purposes. Through analysis on the different touch points of the customer, we were able to determine where the major customer irritants were and develop a solution to meet their needs while decreasing costs to the organization.

Based on analytical findings, we provided a detailed solution that was simple but loaded with data:

1. Simplify the IVR and remove unnecessary levels.

2. Link information into a centralized data warehouse so the IVR could access a holistic view of the customer.

3. Communicate with customers on the enhanced IVR redesign.

4. Train management and front-line staff on the merits of the new IVR, and guide callers through the IVR.

5. Measure.

RESULTS: A significant jump in customer self-serve which ultimately saved the organization millions of dollars. In addition, call response times improved without increased staffing. New KPIs were introduced to focus on better support for the customer instead of the previous average handle time. By listening to the voice of the customer, we were able to make technological and process changes that met the needs of the customers.