B2B Software Features

B2B Software Features

Increasing user engagement and effectiveness in a national franchised network

A global client with an extensive franchise network had several programs in place to enable strategic, brand-compliant communications from franchises directly to local customers. However, user engagement and satisfaction with these programs was in decline because increasingly sophisticated customer targeting was making the programs cumbersome to use.

The solution started with gathering feedback from the franchise users through the front line support team and through dedicated usability sessions. We knew marketing activities ranked very low among the users’ priorities and interests. Rather than attempt large-scale marketing education and promotion initiatives, we decided to design our next generation marketing platform to isolate users from many of the strategic marketing decisions and set-up tasks.

This approach would increase the overall level of personalized end customer communications, while making it easier to use for the non-marketers to use.

The software designed presented a friendly and engaging user interface that guided users toward the best marketing decisions for their own markets, while leaving the heavy lifting to the agency’s strategic and analytics teams and best-in-class marketing automation systems.

RESULTS: Higher than ever user engagement and record customer response with each initiative managed within the new software.